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Old 2011-01-09 , 09:17
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Default The absurdity of aspect ratios ...

Watching TV late last night, I came across an absurdity of aspect ratios.

Due to the "simulcast" nature of MNet and MNet HD, one had to endure "The Stepfather" in 2.35:1 pre-letterboxed to 4:3 on MNet. This is hard to watch on a 4:3 screen and even more absurd on a 16:9 TV.

On the other hand, Carlito's way, an Al Pacino classic, was broadcast at the same time on MM2. This was filmed in 2.35:1 and cropped to 16:9. Trying to watch some of the scenes with Al Pacino completely out of frame was just laughable.

Surely, a little more thought can be put into this?
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Thought and MNet cannot be used in the same sentence.
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The MNet channels are known for having incorrect aspect ratios. They just don't seem to get it right at all. At least MNet Action is a bit better than it used to be (touch wood).

Since we are on the topic - Food network, Good Eats...or as it is shown on TV "ood eat" (for DrWho fans - we all know the Ood eat)....the picture is just cropped, thank heavens not streached.
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The simple & correct thing to do would be to stick with the original aspect ratios as the director intended the audience to see it.

I notice that these days a lot of things are also zoomed to kingdom come. Why?

It's really not that complicated.

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