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Old 2017-08-21 , 08:45
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As 6pm comes on the dot there the reboot starts and again at 7pm if this isn't fixed soon we are seriously thinking of giving up DSTV for good!! Find a fix for this please!!!!
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Old 2017-08-21 , 23:24
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I accept this so called 'old tech' story with this one major exception I have had MNET/DSTV since inception including setting up the old 'yellow-green-red' marked aerials and tuning into my stations. How many subscribers remember those times. Then dish TV and the great service we had when SD-PVR's were brought in. My viewing experience was great and hardly ever had a spurious reboot or service interruption or need to report errors. The moment DSTV brought in HD-PVR quickly followed by Explora SD-PVR problems started. As you can see I joined the forum in 2012 why because from that point on there has been a steady decrease in the quality of programming and a continuing increase in spurious errors and reboots and I include HD-PVR and Explora errors. So which other company has a service which is progressively getting worse and has no interest in consulting it's lifelong subscribers. I do not know how many online surveys I have completed until I realised that it was just window dressing cause none of my comments were acted on. Most of the questions gave limited possible choice of response so that DSTV could get the response they wanted. I never heard from DSTV now I get numerous calls telling me how bad my SD-PVR is and trying to convince me to change to this locally manufactured Explora because they made their decision now they have to make this work and I must live with it. The so-called negative responses were illicited by bad service from DSTV and that is what happens when you have monopolies well fibre and broadband is improving and is here to stay so options are opening up in South Africa thank goodness or that.
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