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Default HD PVR and XtraView remote issue.

Hi there.

Firstly let me explain my setup. I've got my HDPVR in the lounge, the XtraView plain decoder in the bedroom, and a third tv in another room which I've linked to the XtraView decoder so I can view both decoders on the third tv. I've got a remote blaster in the bedroom so i can change the XtraView decoder from the third tv.

My problem is I cant change the HDPVR from the third room, is there any way to program the old SD PVR remote to change the HD PVR through the standard xtraview one? The remote that came with the xtraview decoder works great, tv1 is the xtraview decoder and when i switch to tv2 it changes the HD PVR.

When i take the xtraview remote to the third tv the remote blaster does not pick up the signal sent to change the hdpvr. Is there any way around this without buying an hdpvr remote? I've seen a few remote options in the advanced options of the standard xtraview decoder but I have no idea what to change where.

Any help will be appreciated.

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You may have a remote blaster that is not capable of relaying the signal.
if it picks up neither the HD not 1110 remote, that is indeed the case.
You will need either a new remote blaster, or a TV "eye". Both the MCA and Space models work well.
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