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Default Subtitles

When going through all the settings of my new Explora 2 I noticed something that was not an option on my HDPVR 2P. SUBTITLES. I thought finally! But I was so disappointed when I could see the subtitles are still showing in all the Afrikaans soapies Why is there this setting if it does nothing? Or must I do something in addition to just turning subtitles off?
I would very much prefer to watch everything without subtitles. Is there a way?
I would appreciate it a lot.

I like to watch all the new Afrikaans movies, there is one on Box Office right now, but I will not watch it because the subtitles are just too much for me to stomach. I am easily distracted
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Old 2018-03-14 , 09:11
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There's two types of subtitles - one controlled by you in the menus when available, and the one you don't like which is imprinted on the video by the producers of the content and can't ever be removed, unfortunately

Try turn the controllable ones on some time to see how it works, then you can learn to tell the difference by the appearance.
I can't help further.
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