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Default FAQs about DStv content and channels

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the content on DStv - choosing your own channels, repeats and quality of content, etc. Please post any questions not answered to the Forum.

Finding something to watch on DStv - Planning your viewing
There’s a lot of new and fresh content across the DStv channels every week. We’d like to help you find something to watch that appeals to you. We know that most DStv customers tend to stick to a few favourite channels – surfing between those channels only when looking for something to watch. We encourage you to try one or two new channels.

We’ve also created a number of tools to help you find something that you would like to watch:
· On your decoder, go to channel 100 to watch a video loop of this month’s highlights. You can also use the decoder search feature to look for genres, movies A-Z or specific shows. And of course, there is a TV Guide on your decoder.
· On, there’s a Series Calendar for lists of new or returning series on DStv channels in the next month and a Movie Calendar showing all the new movies airing across all channels. There are also highlights published on
· You can subscribe to our weekly email newsletters so weekly highlights are conveniently sent directly to your inbox.
· You can access the TV Guide on our DStv Now App on your smartphone or tablet, and you can search by name or genre.

Why you can’t choose your own channels or create your own DStv package
We understand that you feel you’d save more money if you could choose only the channels you want to watch. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. It’s actually more cost effective to structuring channels into packages. Choosing your own package with your own channel selection would mean you’d end up paying more than you are now (and for just a few channels). That’s why we offer a range of packages with different fees and channel combinations – to cater for the viewing choice and pocket of a wide range of customers

About repeats
We’ve heard our customers’ concerns about repeats and we’re busy working with our channel partners on reducing the number of repeats and offering more fresh content on DStv. While we won’t do away with repeats entirely, our plan is to cut down where we can and bring you more fresh content. We’ve already implemented some changes to some of our channels to improve our customers’ viewing experience.

M-Net Edge (channel 102) was integrated into M-Net 101 from 1 April 2017 – giving customers less repeats and a supersized channel with bumper-to-bumper entertainment. We also dropped the reality show repeats on Saturdays and Sundays, in favour of fresh sitcoms, brand new and exclusive series, cutting-edge dramas during the prime time slot.

We’ve also taken away CBS Drama and CBS Action, towards the end of last year, which had many series you’ve already seen on other DStv channels. We’re also actively engaging the various channels regarding repeats - our channel partners like BBC, Universal, FOX and ITV have committed to improve the content on their channels by increasing exclusive, first run series and bringing more fresh shows more regularly.
We’ve reduced the number of M-Net movie channels so you see fewer repeated movies across channels and will be introducing more themed movie pop-up channels and movie festivals on existing M-Net movie channels. We also introduced three brand new movies on Sunday nights instead of just one. At 8pm you can tune in for a blockbuster on M-Net 101 and at 8:30pm you can tune into a different blockbuster on M-Net Movies Premiere (channel 104), and after the blockbuster movie on M-Net 101 you can tune in to a world cinema/foreign language movie.

There’ll also be new movies on Mzansi Magic and Bioskop. This means that anywhere from 52 to 104 new movies will grace your screen every year including 12 new Afrikaans movies on fliekNET!
The recently launched M-Net Movies Collection also adds to the breadth of M-Net’s movie offering. The M-Net Movies Collection comprise more than 1000 movies and is available on DStv Catch Up Plus accessible to customers when they connect their DStv Explora to the internet as well as on our DStv Now app.

We encourage our customers to let us know of any content they feel is missing.

About production breaks
Production breaks are when viewers’ favourite TV shows take a break on-air in the US: this means there will be no new episodes broadcast on M-Net or VUZU Amp, just for a little while.

When a show goes on production break for one or two weeks - because the break is over a short period of time, M-Net or VUZU Amp will repeat previous episodes of the same show instead of scheduling a new show on that slot.

However when production breaks go on for more than two weeks, M-Net schedules a replacement show on that slot and will not repeat previous episodes of the same show. When these series’ return from production break, we will add the show to our schedules so that our customers are once again able to watch a brand new episode every week.

Sometimes there are unforeseen events or current affairs in the US that lead to impromptu schedule changes to our Express from the US shows. These are usually once off events that affect the delivery of one episode. In this instance M-Net will also play a previous episode of the show.

For more information, go to
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