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Originally Posted by sirius View Post

Also he said that due the fact that MC is upgrading channels and changing them left right and center, I may experience some channels freezing or going black. Not sure if I should believe him on that but I will monitor the setup this weekend and give him feedback on Monday.
Well I guess he is partly right, MC is fiddling all the time at the moment, BUT it is a problem for me if installers then use this as an excuse to sweep signal reception problems under the carpet that actually may have genuine causes ..................

To add to the debate, there are Inverto LNBs refered to as "RED EXTEND long-neck LNBs" which are designed to allow for two LNBs to be mounted into one antenna designed for reception from 2 satellites very close to each other. The extra neck length is required to allow for the bracket that caters for 2 LNBs to be installed. These LNBs are all claimed to be at 10.6 hi band Lo, and will work here in SA on lo band BUT ----- may not work so well when and if channels are provided on Hi band on a satellite requiring a hi band Lo of 10.7.

Now I am still concerned, given all the other issues with the decoders, are the decoders are really able to cater for a change of one of the Lo frequencies, even if there are no channels on hi-band transponders.........
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In my experience amplification won't resolve these EMI problems, if anything it could make it worse.

When did your problems start @Sirius, was it after the 1st of October, did you have this installation working ok for some time before that?

If you have an HD decoder, do me a favour, please check your signal strength & quality on all tuners for channels 104 & 106, as well as for 116 & 120.
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