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Old 2008-12-12 , 11:29
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Default 1110 - Remote stops working after auto download

Last night just after 20:00 an automatic software download was initiated by Multichoice. The process completed as normal and the decoder re-booted automatically. Just one little problem, the decoder does not respond to the remote that came with it. It does however, still respond to the old style (720i) remote. In advanced settings, under remote, I have selected the option to work with both the old and new remotes. I'm too scared to select just the new remote.

I this a new software bug or what is going on?
Old 2008-12-13 , 17:23
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I found the problem - or rather a cure. Pressing [shift][TV1] on the remote restored new style remote functionality. It seems that when the decoder rebooted after the software download, it was for some reason left in TV2 mode, i.e it was expecting relayed remote commands from a TV1 decoder in an XtraView setup or something like that. Note that I am not using XtraView and I have never used the TV1 or TV2 buttons on the remote before, so it was definitely the upgrade and subsequent reboot that left it in this state.
Old 2008-12-15 , 10:08
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I didn't experience this problem .... but I have changed the remote to TV2 accidentally before.
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Old 2008-12-15 , 11:00
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After the last Upgrade the Decoders did loose settings and had to be done over. Hopefully it won't happen with future releases.
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Old 2008-12-16 , 17:31
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The same happened to me, thanks for the info on how to fix it davey.
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