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Old 2018-03-08 , 11:58
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Basically MC are now dropping the forum's unique option of many years that allows for having direct public access to their management. Nothing good about that, especially with the largely poor record of their other service options. But, for all concerned, wish them well in their attempted efforts.
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Old 2018-03-16 , 10:50
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Additional threads that are still read often that definitely need transporting over to the new "forum";
(As per what is more likely to be accepted. And some tech ones may need updating, can be dealt with later on.)

Technical info & discussion for using the new 4137 HD Decoder 5s with other decoders: Dstv 4137 5s Inatallation

MultiChoice adds ShowMax to the DStv Explora decoder

Help with setting up a WiFi Connector:
And Improving DSTV WiFi Connector etc. reception

Changing remote modes on newer decoders:

Using "remote recording" with more than one Explora:

Glossary of technical wording & abbreviations (unofficial) (Offers additional info, the official Glossary can be found at the bottom of all forum pages.)
[One or the other or both (preferred) please]

Comprehensive error code list (unofficial version) (Includes unusual and infrequent error codes.)

Preparing for Hi Band (NOT an immediate need)
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Old Yesterday , 12:03
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Below is a few archived threads, mostly ex-stickies, which are still valid, hopefully some or all can still be preserved as long as they're still valid.
I've been as narrowly selective as possible.

This will conclude my comments here, though likely not elsewhere as a number of us are slowly realising just what a huge loss the discarded content will be for the public.


Section: Standard decoder

DSD 1110 Manual
Dual View (DSD820) Manuals
FAQ : No pic via RF

Section: HD PVR

HD PVR - remote control manual and code list
HD PVR: More info on Audio Levelling
HD PVR - manuals and installation options
FAQs : New HD PVR 2P
HD PVR - remote control manuals
[Flash Erase procedures for 4P, 2P & 4U][Front Panel only Flash Erase procedure for 2U] (were not stickies) - Please do with caution, follow all the advice given.

Section: Explora HD PVR

DStv Explora -XtraView
DStv Explora Hex Codes
DStv Remote (A6) User Guide & Advanced Options
DStv Remote (A5) User Guide
DStv Switch
DStv Explora Quick Guide
Introducing the DStv Explora
Explora HD PVR - FAQs

Section: XtraView

Guide to Troubleshooting an intermittent heartbeat
What actually happens during XtraView activation call?

Section: Remote Controls

Codes for Logitech Harmony Remote
Using the A3 universal remote with a DSD 1132 decoder
Updated MNEC codes
REmote modes for Different A4 remote models
A Brief Look At MultiChoice Remote Controls
Jumbo universal remote - manual
Remote control manuals
Remote control hex codes for HD PVR, 11xx, SD PVR and 990
DStv Explora Hex Codes

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