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Old 2018-03-03 , 15:52
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Question Defining the term "FTA"

It's difficult to decide where to place this, we aren't all frequent readers of the General section, etc.
I do want the Mods' involvement. Please move it if you see fit to.

A recent thread many will have seen ended up in all sorts of trouble due to how the term "FTA" (Free To Air) is being used.

1. The public - FTA is considered anything that they can receive free of subscription, which can include things like the SABC radio stations.
(The fact that a TV licence is a requirement and that that costs is never a consideration to the public )

2. MC (and I think probably the broadcasting authority as well) - FTA is seen as just SABC & eTV as broadcast on terrestrial analogue TV.

There has been some previous talk about what may be included in this in the future now that there's so much more expected and developing on the various DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV) services. But nothing conclusive yet AFAIK?

So how do we find common ground for reference and discussion. We have to also consider that it needs to try make sense for future newbies as well.

My only thought for now - perhaps call the authority's-concerns channels "official FTA".

Maybe we need radio stations better explained to us, but I don't think the authority requires any of them to be included?

TIA, and any other thoughts?

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Old 2018-03-04 , 13:14
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Well according to Wikipedia this is the definition of Free to Air

Free-to-air (FTA) are television (TV) and radio services broadcast in clear (unencrypted) form, allowing any person with the appropriate receiving equipment to receive the signal and view or listen to the content without requiring a subscription, other ongoing cost or one-off fee (e.g. Pay-per-view).

So I agree MC need to clarify their Definition thereof.
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Old 2018-03-04 , 14:09
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I must just add that I've since been looking at the online info related to that thread I referred to - there's no mention of FTA there so it's not necessarily a term used by MC, in this case it may just be the Mod using it and that's within reason as few individuals can be expected to have such levels of all round knowledge or realisation.

Still, probably a good idea to have brought focus to it.
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