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Old 2018-03-30 , 12:43
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Default Eastenders not recording properly

My wife is on the warpath as the last 2 episodes of Eastenders have only recorded about half of the 30 min run time for some reason, anyone else had the same issue?

Interestingly enough, the episodes were not repeated at all but as from next week there is now a repeated episode shown just after midnight, could this be why?
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Old 2018-04-03 , 17:18
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We've had a look and it's not an EPG issue. Could you have had a conflicting recording?
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Old 2018-04-03 , 17:21
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Nope don't think so. Odd thing is my mother in law also recorded it and it was fine so a national crisis was averted as my wife watched it there in the end!
Has recorded fine since plus its now repeated so all is good. Thanks for looking into it though, much appreciated.
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