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Old 2018-03-27 , 17:38
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Default International Football Commentary Question

Clive Tyldesley, Peter Drury, Martin Tyler and Jon Champion are just some of the best commentators I love listening to on the international games but it seems like Super Sport often subscribes to feeds that have lesser known, less entertaining commentators (actually downright boring in some matches)

So I was wondering if anyone knows which feeds super sport subscribe to for the world cup?

I know it's not a case of, that's just who was commentating for that match as I have been watching and international game on SS3 with some boring commentator only to find out that if you'd been watching it on BBC you'd have been listening to Martin Tyler.

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Old 2018-03-27 , 18:19
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Supersport normally subscribes to the international commentary feed for the world cup. Last world cup the international feed had some pretty good and well known commentators.

International feeds for friendly games tend to have lesser known commentators as the more popular guys opt to work for a domestic broadcaster. However, the problem with Supersport carrying a, say, BBC feed is that domestic broadcasters especially in the UK tend to have the commentators speaking about and promoting other content like a drama that you can catch on BBC One or tune into BBC 2 tomorrow at [insert British time] to catch this. That leads to viewer confusion in SA as we domt have those channels with those schedules.

That does still happen on La Liga games though as the Spanish League doesn't produce a clean international feed the way the English League does.
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Old 2018-03-27 , 19:31
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I see! I would have thought BBC would have a clean feed so they can sell to more people like Supersport.

I really hope they have some decent commentary this year, I remember last world cup being slightly better, but if I recall the last couple of euro's didn't have many great names doing the commentary and the friendly's have really boring commentary, I wonder if I can get an audio feed from the BBC on the net...

Thanks for the response!
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