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Default Remotes only change one decoder via eye


I have 2 x HD PVR 2P located in the lounge next to the HD tv, both connected to the TV with HDMI cables. The RF Cable goes through a SLX splitter to two further TVs both with link eyes.

The problem is that although the remote works on both decoders when using it in front of the decoders in the lounge, it will only change the one decoder via either of the eyes next to the other tvs. So I can only change the primary? decoder from the kitchen and likewise I can only change the primary decoder from the bedroom.

So the eyes are both working because I can change the primary decoder through them and it is not the remote because even though changing from TV1 to TV2 does not operate the secondary decoder through the eye links.

I am assuming it is one of the settings which I need to change Ignore/relay etc or RFout etc. I am just guessing here....

Is there somewhere I can see what these settings should be, or anyone who has any advice for me?

Many Thanks
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Old 2015-11-14 , 07:41
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Originally Posted by Techless View Post
I am assuming it is one of the settings which I need to change Ignore/relay etc or RFout etc. I am just guessing here....

I'm presuming that both the Kitchen & the BR (bedroom) get both 2P RF feeds?
That would imply that the HB (heartbeat RF) cable is connected to the RF out ports on both 2P's.

Then yes, it's just a matter of adjusting those settings - someone will then give you the details of how to do so later.
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Old 2015-11-14 , 10:14
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None of the MC decoders is able to relay commands received from tvLINKS to another decoder. Hence the only way to use tvLINKS is to ensure that the HB cable between the two decoders is run from the RF OUT ports, NOT as the call centre advises, RF IN on the one decoder.

It is essential in the arrangement to combine the RF OUT signals from both decoders via either:

(1) a T -piece before feeding into a 1 x (2 or 4) SLX splitter, which then feeds the various rooms where tvLINKS are located.


(2) Use a 2 x (2 or 4) SLX splitter where the RF OUT ports from both decoders are connected the IN ports on the SLX splitter.

Then the settings are:

On both decoders, ensure that comms port is set to RF OUT. You may have to change the tvLINK setting to be able to set the RF OUT port if you find it is set to RF IN and greyed out.

Next make sure each decoder is set to respond only on of the modes. IE. The primary to respond to modes 1 and the secondary to respond to mode 2.

All other modes on that decoder should be set to ignore.

All these settings are to be found under the advanced options setting on the decoders. Just look for them.

If you provide us with a more explicit indication of or diagram of how you have run the RF cabling between the decoders, and to the SLX splitter as well as to each TV, I will be able to suggest changes if required. Also, are both decoders located in the same room next to each other?
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