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Old 2017-08-21 , 09:31
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Exclamation Fatal EBR errors on Explora 1

@MC - I'm really troubled to say that there's been a huge new problem with scheduling overnight (after my daily maintenance reboot), quickly picked up only due to me recently keeping a daily "neurotic" eye on the total number of scheduled items as something didn't feel right.

It seems to only be related to rescheduling of EBRs (EPG Based Recordings).

Originally I had the movie "Our Kind Of Traitor" on ch. 104 scheduled for next Sunday @ 22:09. Due to something else wanted I rescheduled it for the channel's earlier slot on Wed. @ 20:30.

Originally I had the movie "American Pie: The Naked Mile" on ch. 112 scheduled for Wed. @22:15. Due to the above movie change which clashes with its new end time, I also rescheduled this movie for Sat. @ 23:10 on the same channel 112.

Both rescheduled movies have completely vanished.
No error reports.
Nobody but me controling the Explora during the entire period.
The EPG still shows both movies, for all 4 related entries and they all still have at least the same start times.

In both cases - conflicts had arisen during the various adjustments involved, but this is completely normal and once the original schedules were deleted (EBR rescheduling does not automatically delete the older schedule) all returned to normal as expected.

Other personally unusual behaviour, in case it can help with the fault-finding (but unlikely to be related);
1. I set a Reminder for Salvation S1E4 which normally occupies this Wed. 20:30 slot for me (its SBR is rescheduled to record on Fri @ 15:00 which has remained intact), in case I want to watch it earlier in the live buffer. I don't normally set reminders.
There is nothing else scheduled for Wed. this week.
2. I have a weekly recurring MR set for Sat. mornings. For the first time ever due to unusual requirements, on Fri. I manually deleted only the next morning's scheduled episode, AND on Sat. itself I manually deleted the next Sat.'s scheduled episode as well. The MR itself remains intact and is expected to set up schedules for the Sat. 2 September event onwards as normal.
I only mention this as MRs have been seen to do odd things at times and this is new behaviour on my part.

I will redo the two EBRs now and monitor closely, but may not be available for any follow-up here.
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Old 2017-08-21 , 10:28
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MC please also note that there is nothing else scheduled for Sat. (or early on Sun. morning).

A few minutes after setting up the EBRs again I did a manual reboot, glad to say that there's no further problem.
I suspect that this is only caused by two conflicting and somewhat related EBRs being adjusted at the same time.
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Old 2017-08-23 , 09:50
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Im going to see whats going on and let you know!
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