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Thumbs up Do you know what devices use the Philips RC 5 protocol? (IR code)

Hi Guys!

I am trying to control a MultiChoice DSD 990 satellite box and this Make and Model are not in my available code list for the universal remote control that I have... and it cannot learn IR commands.

To get around this issue, could you tell me of a brand and model number of a device that may use the same IR codes?

I just need to know if the IR code set used by MultiChoice DSD 990 satellite box is used by any other device, if so, what device?

Alternatively, I just need to know what devices (make/model) use Philips RC 5 protocol.

Is MultiChoice a Manufacturer (factory)? Who makes their hardware? This might give me a clue...

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!
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The 990 can run off either RC5 or XMP1.0 or XMP1.4.
RC5 is used by almost any cheap device that uses a remote (so that won't be any help)
... and it is manufactured by UEC which is a local company who did not register a specific RC5 command set, but re-used a mixture of available commands.
The XMP1.4 and XMP1.0 code sets are proprietory to UEI and unless you have a UEI One-For-All remote, it won't have that code set in it.
So I am afraid that getting your remote to work with the decoder is a task doomed to failure....
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