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Old 2008-12-14 , 20:55
frikkie frikkie is offline
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Default HD Pvr Continiously jump Channels

My Pvr jump between MM2 and series by it self continiously every 2 seconds. No mater what buttons i pressed it keeps on jumping between the two channels. I then did a software update while it was booting an dnow it jumps betwwe a black screen and channel 100. Is it the decoder or software. Thanx
Old 2008-12-14 , 22:35
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My first HDPVR did this after I had it for about 2 weeks. (Jumped btween a black sreen and a channel) I tried everything like power off, reboots, forced sw download and nothing helped. Had to take it back and exchange it for another one.
Old 2008-12-15 , 13:45
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I had the same problem on Saturday and the only solution is to replace the decoder at MC. This is my third decoder since 25 October 2008 and have just lost my recordings for the second time. Can't 3rd Degree do an investigation on MC and its substandard docoder? C'mon Deborah Patter we need you.
Old 2008-12-15 , 15:16
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I really have to question that 3 decoders in one install environment all get replaced!! Surely by now you are asking, What is wrong here? Is it my install environment that is causing this??

The PACE HD PVR is not the best around BUT so many failing at the same point?? It is starting to stretch the imagination a bit!
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Old 2008-12-16 , 09:37
silliusmillius53 silliusmillius53 is offline
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Angry Continual Channel hopping

I arrived home to discover my HD-PVR hopping between 250 & 403, withy a frequency of about 2 seconds. I have tried disconnecting from the power to re-boot, and have been through a whole sequence of technical procedures with the call centre operative, but to no avail. With all the problems related to the HD-PVR, (Certainly ones I have experienced)

Sound Problems, i.e sound becomes garbled as picture source changes
Recording Problems, i.e. Recordings freezing, timings wrong
No Y/C Signal, i.e. Monochrome which I am told is a firmware issue
Menu takes for ever to display and is inadequate in it;s information delivery & No news & weather information available

I am beginning to think that we, the paying public, are being used as the test bed for them to sort out the problems with this decoder, and we are paying for the "honour" to do so. It seems to me that DSTV have become a bit like Microsoft, too big and powerful in the industry. What is also interesting is that they don't bother to respond to complaints when you write to them at their email address. I think this needs to be raised in an independent public consumer forum. I would be interested to know if their is the possibility of a class action lawsuit being instituted. If we are being used as a test bed, then perhaps we should be paid for doing so. I think they should uplift all the HD-PVR decoders and replace them with working units and refund us a portion of our subscriptions for inconvenience.
Old 2008-12-16 , 09:45
silliusmillius53 silliusmillius53 is offline
Still listens to the wireless
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Thumbs down Install environment?

I had my system installed by the local multichoice agents, and their installation is quite adequate. However the inadequate part of the installation is the decoder, with it's myriad of problems. And just to make sure that fluctuating power is not an issue, I do have a power stabilising system (I used to run a TV studio and have one of the units from there which satbilises power to a fixed voltage of 224v ac, whether the input is very hot or very cold, and it will continue to run the whole house for approximately 7 hours before sequentially shutting down). The signal strength coming of the LNB system is more than adequate in my system and the dish is larger that the DSTV technical requirement for my area. So it does make sense that the decoder is the weakest link (Sorry BBC, but I could resist.)
Old 2008-12-16 , 16:31
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Thanks for the reports. I'm not able to check fault logs at the moment, but this one is not ringing any bells - ie. where the decoder voluntarily jumps between two channels without any user intervention. I have however logged with the tech guys for futher investigation.
Old 2008-12-16 , 22:05
frikkie frikkie is offline
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I took the decoder and they said it software and i swapped it at the Pick n Pay. Works fine now but now if i put my tv on HDMI it doesnt get a signal and i know the wiring is correct
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Is your TV on HDMI port when you boot the PVR up.
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frikkie frikkie is offline
Still gets up to change channels
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Yes. Everything worked on my previous HDPVR. I unplugged it after reboot also on both sides but no success. Does this mean i must go swap my brand new HD PVR for another one?
channel hopping, hd-pvr problems, menu problems, sound issues, testing for the company
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