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Default Signal issues

I have been having signal issues and want to get some opinions. I have read through a lot of threads and i'm not sure where my problem fits in so i'm starting a new thread. If I maybe missed a thread which addresses the problem please point me to it.

My setup:
Pace HDPVR (older decoder prior to P300080000)
90cm dish
Ellies twin LNB
2x4 way splitter leading to the pvr
based in Centurion

Recently (the past two months) I have been having some signal issues. My signal strength is usually 97% and the quality 90%. This gives me perfect image and sound.

So the issue is the following: Lately I have been experiencing signal loss like it's going out of fashion. Does not matter if it is clear skies or storming outside. It is also at random times. The channels affected include Mnet, movie channels, sports channels etc. Channels like E Entertainment is just fine (which means my wife is pretty happy and i'm not - hehe)

I watched the tuner status when this happens and the signal strength and quality will just suddenly drop to 0, then come back and drop again.

The setup has not changed, installation is still 100% (everything is securely tightened and pointing in the right direction), nothing obstructing the dish view.

I also noticed that sometimes while changing channels it will just sort of get stuck and then jump to channel 100 and lose all my saved settings.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Oh yes, when the signal drops I either get distorted view and sound or sometimes I get 'n "Unable to connect set-top box" or something similar. The first case is the more usual one.

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(1) It could be the decoder is failing on you
(2) It could be a intermittent problem with the MS
(3) It could be that the LNB is failing.

Only way to check it out is by elimination.

The 90% quality could be a skew angle problem, but thta is not good with a 97% signal strength.

(1) bypass the MS take the leads from the LNB direct to ports 1, 4 on the decoder = problem goes away = MS is faulty.
(2) Problem still there? take decoder in to MC to check it, fine then the problem lies with the LNB and or the cabling Only way to proves this is with a FSM or get an installer in.
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Thanks for the suggestions Geoff.

It turns out that my dish was horizontally out by millimeters. I suspect someone must have bumped the dish at some point as it is pretty close to the ground.

I bought a cheap satellite finder and tuned it. I now have 98% signal strength and 100% quality according to the information screen and no signal loss so far.

Thanks again.
hdpvr, installation, signal loss
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