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Default MUDS on an offshore rig...

Hi there....

Well, I have been scrounging around trying to find a solution to my problem, and have managed to piece together a bit of info, but not sure that I got the complete picture though. Also, might be some interesting reading for some...

We work on an offshore rig in Nigeria, and the service from "accredited installers" are poor at best. So in the last few months I have taken it upon myself (only South African on the rig), to keep the TV's going, which in turn has its benefits especially during football, and the camp boss is a football fan, so unlimited supply of choc's and pringles.

Anyway, at the moment the installation on the rig is as follows.

1) 60cm dish (steel)

2) Quad LNB

3) 1 Cable from Quad LNB, feeding into a 4 way splitter (the cheap one's, looks like a "plus" sign

4) From the "plus sign" 1 cable into another 4 way splitter, which feeds into two connections at the back of two PVR decoders (we dont use the record facility)

5) From the "plus sign" 1 Cable into another 4 way splitter, which feeds two connections at the back of dual view decoder, and one connection at the back of single view decoder. 1 outlet redundant

From these decoders the dual view has RCA cables for tv2-out going into modulator, as well as RF cable from RF-out for tv1 into modulator with a single cable from RF-out from the modulator feeding into another "plus sign" splitter no 2.

Then a RF cable that feeds from 1st PVR RF-out, to RF-in from Second PVR, then from RF-out of second PVR to the "plus sign" splitter no 2.

Lastly have the single view with RF-out to the "plus sign" splitter no 2.

From the "Plus sign" Splitter no 2 one RF feeding into an amplifier, which then has 4 outputs going into various splitters to various television sets. The reason or this setup is that the whole rig has 7 channels available for viewing, instead of a decoder in every room.

Now from what I have read, this is not really supposed to work, so I take it we are just lucky?

Ok, so to get to my question....sorry guys and girls, is quite an extensive deal....

Seeing as this setup has re-occuring problems, and limits the the channel numbers, management on the rig has decided to add 6 single view decoders for some rooms and add a dual view to the multi setup I just explained and get rid of the old single view.

But it would be done properly this time. And I was the one appointed to do it, and so to continue my supply of pringles and choc's, I emplore n you for a bit of help if possible ,it would be greatly appreciated....

A Basic desription of the system and what I have gathered from the forum and websites is the following....altough I might hae eit all wrong and it might need some amplifiers and DB boxy thingies or something?


6 x Single view decoders in 6 differnet cabins (6 single connections)

2x dual view
2x PVR (used as dual view)
(8 connections)

What I thought so far :

From the Quad LNB, 2 x RG11 (more than 30m) cables feeding into a 2x6 MS, from the MS, the 6 oulets then feed into 3 more MS's, 2x(2x4MS's) and 1x(2x8MS)

From these three MS's then goes into respective decoder connections?


Then, the distances from the dish to the various decodeers in the various cabins vary, so from GeoffD's description of cables, take it the RG11 would be best? Or the SD96?

And seeing as the decoders would be in the cabins take it wont need amp's on the out side, but might need some amp's on the side from lnb to decoders, there such a thing ass an amplified multi switch?

Gents and Ladies, I would greatly appreciate any feedback or crit or suggestions. I thank you greatly for taking the time to read this lengthy drawn out tale!!! Hope to hear from you all soon!!!

Kind Rgds
W. Smith
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Hi Wouter, give me your e-mail address, I have some ideas for you!
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I would use at least 90cm dishes - and I would use two (or more - especially if the decoders are far apart)
Put a 8-way LNB on each and feed the decoders directly.

If the wiring is too messy, I would consider using quad LNB's and putting multiswitches as far down the line (as close as possible to the decoders) where needed.
You really need to avoid splitting the signal too many times.
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I agree with C4, dump that 60 cm antenna for a larger antenna, in your high rainfall area, even a 1.2 m might be a good idea.

Go for an 8-way LNB, and if the cable runs are long, consider more antennas ( rig management might have a say in this however).

The alternative is to contact a compny such as SATs-R-Us here in SA who may be pre-ared to assist you with an innovative MUD design

What they would need is:

A layout showing how far appart the decoders are from each other, are the PVRs in the same room and are the dual views also in the same room.
Spare decoders: SD PVR(3) PSU's, DSD 660, 1110, 1131, Explora 1.
Spare switches and LNBs: 1 x 5-1(repaired); 1 x 5-2.Numerous so called faulty LNBs that were easily repaired.
2 unmentionable FTA decoders
1.2m antenna, 8-way universal LNB, 2 x (2x6) MS, FSM permanently connected.

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