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Old 2014-05-26 , 11:36
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Default DSTV explora self installation - does it automatically scan?

HI there

THis is my first time on this forum (please dont laugh at my silly questions ) I have two questions regarding the self installation of an Explora.
1. I have ordered an Explora with On Air, which should arrive today or tomorrow. I have a HD PVR installed in our flat, using a communal satellite dish. There are two cables coming out of the wall to the decoder, so I assume the cable is not split and that I have in fact two cables that will go to the switch? I know that you cant use a split cable. But I assume if I have all the PVR functionalities that those two cables should be good for the Explora?
2. Once the Explora is plugged in and it is busy downloading software, does it also automatically scan the different frequencies? I remember at some stage we had to manually program our HD PVR decoder when it used a communal satellite, can I just look what the frequencies are listed at the moment on my HD PVR and put that into the Explora? Or dont I have to worry about that?

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Old 2014-05-26 , 11:55
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Before removing the exiting decoder, write down all the customised network settings given to you anyway.

Are both cables connected to the existing decoder LNB inputs? I assume you have on of the 2 tuner HDPVRs.

I would contact your body corporate to find out if they have any specific settings for the EXplora.

If everything is standard, THEN you will need to connect the Explora switch to the two cables, ports H/L and V/L.

Suggest you look at the manuals supplied with the Explora before doing anything.

See this link for some help.

I would recomend you keep the existing decoder going until you know how to connect the Explora to your communal antenna system.
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