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Old 2017-02-21 , 11:53
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Default Explora hard drive undetected

Good day

I have an explora decoder

We had some bad weather and lightning recently and my signal was gone. I got an technician out to realign the dish and the signal was back with all 3 tuners showing signal strength and quality between 90 and 100%.
However the decoder can not download catch up box office or record, showing a message hard drive initialization in progress. On the information central it also shows that a hard drive can not be detected.I took the decoder in to a MC centre for testing and when they connect the decoder everything was working 100%. It downloaded catch up, shows recordings and it recorded programs and the hard drive showed active meaning there is nothing wrong with the decoder.

They then told me the fault must be on the installation. Can someone perhaps give me advise on where the problem might be as before the bad weather everything was fine.
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Old 2017-02-21 , 12:28
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The only thing that changed is that you removed the decoder to take it to MC. Hence the problem is/was with the connector on the cable coming from the LNB. Make sure the connectors on both ends of the cable are not showing signs of arcing as this could cause very selective issues with frequencies.

I presume the installer checked the antenna and LNB by connecting directly to the LNB? Or id he follow up with a check on the decoder itself?
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Old 2017-02-22 , 11:41
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the following steps can be done to try recover the hard drive , however you will lose all your recordings should it work.
power down the decoder and power on again by the mains, next hold in the p+ button on the decoder until code appears than press P- P+ P- P+.
if this does not work than you can try resetting to factory defaults with format.
please not your uhf settings and userband settings before doing either to try recover your decoders harddrive.
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