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Originally Posted by wimps007 View Post
Can you elaborate on the changes that is coming?
MC will be adding "Hi Band" transponder services from the new second satellite, which will change quite a bit of how things will work technically.

Please take MC Marietjie's advice strongly into consideration, older decoders for a newer setup is not wise IMO.
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The most "future proof" option you can achieve in the short term is to make use of all 4 ports on the Quad LNB connected to a DSTV 24-1Z switch normally used in a MUD installation.

This device provides you with 4 SATCR/Unicable outputs, and 4 Universal outputs. This switch will allow easy migration to Explora decoders at a later stage while supporting the older decoders. So if you are contemplating buying any new LNBs or MS's consider this option.

In the meantime, the Quad LNB could be connected to a 2 x 4 MS for the 4 tuner decoder, and the other 2 ports used to feed the SD PVR. An alternative would be to use only 2 cables form the LNB, connected to a 2 x 6 MS, really the easiest option if both the decoders are going to be in the same room.

The 4 tuner decoder is the Primary and the SD PVR becomes the Secondary decoder. The "best" install is still with all the decoders in one place an RF distribution to remote TVs. Moving the SD PVR to another point makes the installation complicated and messy.

The installation requires a RF HC connection. Use the SLX type splitter as per the diagram poste by MC Field Services, which will provide for the HB connection and at the same time allows for RF distribution to m ore than one TV all using tvLINKs for remote control.

Sooner or later MC will have to take a decision on how to properly handle Hi-band transponders and the channels on those transponders. The current compromise solutions used are just too complicated.

The writing is on the wall for us users of older decoders, wanting to keep the dual view capability of the SD PVR. Sooner or later it will just become impossible to get all the services we have now.
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