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Default 4 link Distribution TV Link Amp and CCTV

Hi All

I have previously successfully used a RF modulator to get my cctv feed on all my tv's by making use of the heartbeat cable on dual view. At my buddies house however he's making use of a 4 link tv link distribution amp. The setup thus is:
Antenna -> Amp -> Decoder Ant IN - > Decoder Tv1/Tv2(RFout) -> TVin/Pwr(4link distr.) -> multiple tv's.

If I combine the cctv rf feed and the antenna into the RF in at the decoder I get all the channels except my cctv feed. Connecting the rf modulator directly to the tv and it works fine. Tapping in at the RF out on the decoder before the tv 4 link distributor then there is no power on the distributor.

Any ideas on where to tap in and what to use to get it to work?
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Old 2015-02-04 , 08:48
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first check if the modulator is not set on the same channel with the decoder (UHF Channel).
Maybe change the modulator to channel 37, and take the Antenna into the modulator then into the decoder (using different channel with enough gaps in between). We donít know how you are combining the Antenna and CCTV feed to the decoder, also what is used to combine the two feeds before the decoder. You need to bypass that and try the steps above and see what happens.
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