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Default A very weird Remote problem

I've got a very weird problem with the SD PVR.

I've did a smartcard swop about a month ago. Since then when pressing the alt key, every now and then it'll switch to DSTV Audio Channel 1.

I've tested with three old SD PVR remotes, all give the some problem once in a while.

Any Ideas why it'll do something like that?

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i have asked the team to test this in the lab
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That's very odd as the Alt key itself doesn't send out any signal. If it was on one remote only I would have suspected grit causing the TV key to randomly be making contact.
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I too have a weired problem with my remote my remote if left un attened for a fews minutes will not respond, i can not change channel or use the Alt button the mute button works but nothing else i have to switch the decoder off and on before it starts to work. I took it to Multichoice Saturday and the lady that helped me assured me it was my remote and said i should buy another remote of which i did R130 and guess what still the same problem now i have waisted R130 and i have two remotes that work when they feel like it.
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Unless the remote has been damaged or has flat batteries, there is very little that can go wrong --- The issue is the decoder -------
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Thats exactly what i thought but the lady that assisted us said there was nothing wrong with the decoder and said it had to be the remote.
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