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Old 2017-03-19 , 21:29
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Originally Posted by andrewgerm View Post
@Optimist: thanks for chiming in.

My thought would have been though that once something is received, that the same source file (for want of a better word) would be used for each of the multiple vectors of delivery, transcoding to other file types, sizes, wrappers and resolutions as needed.

If this be the case, then there is again no excuse, as sound should not be affected, nor should the volume and panning on each channel be changed. There is obviously a serious lack of technical know-how or quality control. Or there is a serious fault in the work-flow to get a single title out to each delivery option.

It has been a very long time, with no proper feedback, or solution. Sadly, in the mean time, we are missing something that is part of a paid for package, and something that is actively advertised by MC.

The odd technical issue aside (as these are the norm more than the exception), this is a really poor show. At the very least, it seems not enough QA is being performed at each stage...
Hi andrewgerm

Apologies for the delayed response. We're still awaiting confirmation from the CU team, regarding a fix which was due to be implemented in the previous week. Kindly give us more time to get in touch with the team again in order to get more info on what steps and measures have they taken regarding the issues raised.
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