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Old 2017-03-17 , 10:21
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Default Suggestion for home streaming

Just a suggestion, it would be very useful to stream recordings between decoders on a home network. I have 2 decoders - one upstairs and one downstairs - and find myself having to sit where the particular show I want to watch is recorded. If I could stream the recorded content of one decoder to the other over my home network, I would most certainly even buy two new decoders just for this function

I'm pretty sure this function would be well received by many...
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Old 2017-03-17 , 13:01
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The only possible now is to extend HDMI to all viewing points form both decoder locations, or, to use an RF distribution method, but then HD quality will converted to SD quality.
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Yip, what Geoff said . Would be nice to network-share the devices though , like an additional DLNA server I've gone the HDMI route (as per my sig) but also have 3 RF distributions to kids rooms and study, so I can view any recoder from anywhere

If cabling is not your thing and SD is acceptable, at work I've also used an wireless audo video sender (between floors) with some success. Not the same quality as a wired connection, but then I'm fighting every piece of wireless equipment on 2.4ghz in that area Btw, can also change channels remotely
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Hi Geoff,

I have highlighted this suggestion to our product development team.

MC Mpho
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