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Old 2017-02-18 , 11:43
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Default Explora not fully in standby mode

When pressing the power button on the Explora 1 remote, the unit should go into standby mode. However, the screen remains black (and when viewing via another screen connected via RF, this should show snow).

The issue being, some items still remain active. You can press the volume keys and get a notification regarding that (e.g. fixed stereo or fixed dolby).

Seems that with recent updates, a new issue has been introduced.

Can anyone else confirm this? Any ideas, solutions? MC, care to comment?

I've posted this as a reply on another thread, as a possible symptom of another issue, but have had no reply, confirmation or feedback, and it still exists, despite software updates, so posting again.
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Old 2017-02-18 , 12:13
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Howdy Andrew.

Can't recall if Explora standby ever did result in snow on RF.
The SD PVR may be a MC legacy-concept example - it always has had a standby message then displayed on RF.
The older DualView does turn off the RF signal and so results in snow.

The thing is that for many years standby has meant close to nothing as far as usage goes, and make little or no difference to power consumption due to workings that must go on behind the scenes with things like the VOD stream and endless EPG updates.
For a long time many of us have recommended not using it, it created problems on some HD PVRs. Funnily enough it used to help with a problem on the Explora (details forgotten).
I've sometimes wondered why manufacturers still bother to make it a "feature".

Can't recall the thread you're referring to, what exactly is the issue why you want or think it needs to be otherwise?

EDIT: Someone recently mentioned that it clears the live TV buffer, and once we were told that someone likes the clock displayed on the f/p, so I suppose it has some uses.

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Old 2017-02-18 , 12:49
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Has mastered the i-Plate and DStv guide
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Thank you, as always, for the learned input!!

I've heard and read the opinions / recommendations on the standby mode on here. It was just a thought that it might be indicative of another problem.

I have my second Explora on a rack of A/V equipment in my office, next to the PC, and it's the only device I don't fully power off via a multi-plug (due to the on-going services, as you mentioned). So, the click is nice when gaming (keeps me forgetting time and suddenly 6am...)

If it's not part of some other issue, then I guess I'll just leave as is, and let it be. Thanks again!!

EPG updates should be sent via an XML service, to those PVR's that are online, maybe... (a topic for another time / post)
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