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Default Frequently asked questions about PVRS

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our PVR decoders: the 2-tuner and 4-tuner HD PVRs, SD PVR and our flagship Explora. Please post any questions not answered to the Forum.

Intermittent E32 error message
E32 is expected on boot-up or after the smartcard has been removed and re-inserted. If E32 pop-ups while viewing and without user intervention, please call us for assistance.

Decoder displays HDD full message and 100% andcannot access the hard disk drive (HDD)
This is an indication that the hard disk drive has reached its end of life and needs to be sent in for repairs. We have noticed that on some occasions an HDD format will resolve this temporarily.

Decoder stuck on 2==2 and refusing to complete the boot-up process
This could be an indication that there is a fault with the hard disk drive and therefore a repair is necessary.

Pace 865 (2P) stuck on a BE1 state
This is an error condition that sometimes happens after the decoder reboots. We recommend that the decoder be taken in to the nearest MultiChoice service centre or agency for a USB upgrade.

Decoder missing or not downloading BoxOffice titles as well as DStv Catch Up titles
This may occur if the signal strength and quality is not adequate or fluctuating. Please check that you have good signal strength and quality. For 2-tuners, please check signal strength and quality on tuner 2 and for 4-tuners, please check signal strength and quality on tuner 4.

Shrinking subtitles while viewing with subtitles enabled.Subtitles changes to unreadable font
This is a known issue and has been under investigation for some times now. We are hoping to address this issue in the next software release.

HDPVR shows 2 lines of information (now and next) on the info plate

This indicates that there is problem with signal strength and quality on tuner 2 (for 2-tuner) or tuner 4 (for 4-tuner). Please check signal strength and quality on the tuners and also check if the TV Guide is updated as expected.

Where can I find additional information about PVR decoders?
You can visit for additional information and FAQs.
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