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Old 2017-05-22 , 13:09
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Hi Geoff D,

We are looking into this query.
We will feedback as soon as possible.

MC Mpho
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Old 2017-05-22 , 14:22
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Hi All,

We've made some changes on the EPG last week Tuesday and we should see less conflicts.

There would be schedules that were ingested before this change was done and for that reason, the decoder may still show this issue. To be safe, schedules from this week Wednesday should safely avoid conflicts.

We will continue to monitor.

MC Mpho
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Old 2017-05-23 , 12:35
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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
Was not a very stable weekend. Had a number of "reboots" on both decoders.

But then I checked the power log and found that what I thought were "reboots" were not but were events that downloaded new versions of the EPG info.

What had me fooled was on the SD PVR, only a reboot would change the playlist sort order back to defaults. These EPG updates did the same.

Two of the EPG updates terminated recordings that were in progress, with no corresponding entry in the alert list or even warning triangles against the recordings indicating that the recording had been stopped??

Is this possible?

One recording on the UEC was similarly stopped without any indication as to why or appearing in the alert list.

Could the same have happened on the Exploras?
Hi Geoff

Response from our techie is as follows:

The SDPVR has a shared tuner for Recordings and EPG. This means that if the decoder is recording it will not download the EPG even if there is an update is available. The decoder will only update the EPG after the recording has completed.

What could have happened:
Itís possible that there may be some bug or corner case where the SDPVR could have been doing a recording on a channel which is on the same transponder as the EPG data playout. In this case it may be possible that something like this may have happened. If it did then it would be a bug.

I would suggest that you reboot your SDPVR just in case it is in some weird state.
The issue which was experienced on the SDPVR would be different from the issue on the Explora.

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Old 2017-05-29 , 16:06
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Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, I was not able to check on anything till today. I had to reboot the SD PVR twice this morning, once because it was frozen (no idea wen it froze, as the last time I accessed the decoder was on the 22nd), and a second time, because of incorrect channels numbering when the EPG was displayed.
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