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Default DSD 1110, new software, and new smartcard

So, now it's problems upon problems.

We have the DSD 1110. No, we are not likely to get an HDPVR (though that seems the standard line now on here), because it offers us nothing we need or want, and we have quite enough trouble as it is, thank you.

For many, many months we had no trouble: our signal was stable, our decoder functioned well, and our smartcard worked. Then MC rolled out their so-called "upgrade".

The unresolved audio issues with the new software are well known. To try to solve them, we were advised by our installer to try exchanging our decoder (we have a care contract) and later were told by both the installer and on here to try exchanging our smartcard.

In good faith, we went to MC in Randburg on 2011/12/10 to exchange the decoder (which had been bought new to replace an old model on 2008/09/14, and had worked fine ever since). This made no difference: the exchanged decoder functioned much like the previous one (except for having output on UHF channel 63, whereas the previous one was on 46), but did not resolve the problem. So yesterday, 2011/12/21, we returned to exchange our smartcard, taking the decoder with us. On returning home, around 16h00, we reconnected the unit, and everything seemed normal - the decoder booted as usual, channels worked as usual, the audio "blip" was still there, but otherwise no problems were evident. Suddenly, around 21h00, we received "E06-4" saying our smartcard is faulty or upside down. It clearly was not the latter. Removing and reinserting cleared the error, and things were back to normal (poor audio being now normal for users of standard decoders), until about 07h30 this morning, when again it was "E06-4". Again, removing and reinserting cleared this immediately.

I tried to call the call centre, but the representative was worse than useless: because she was working to a MC script, she was unable to listen to what I said to her, and went through the usual "reinsert the card", "reboot the decoder", "remove and reconnect the LNB cable" lines even though I had just told her that we had been through all of this already.

So, my question is, is this just more shoddy hardware from MC (i. e., the card we were issued with is probably a dud, and we need to exchange it again), or is there a known issue with new smartcards and / or DSD 1110s and / or the software "upgrade"? Or what?

At this point, chucking DStv altogether (after many years) is looking most appealing, and the "happy holidays" messages on various channels are looking like the bitterest of ironies. MC has incompetently implemented changes at a time of year when people have many things on their minds and many financial pressures, and the only solutions MC can come up with are to suggest that their paying customers jump through hoops, and in some cases incur expense, in a clearly fruitless effort to regain the basic customer experience we all had a month ago. Shame on you.

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