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Default Suggestion: EPG

There are a couple af factors which make programming a schedule difficult with sports programmes.

1.) The i button only works for that day and the next.
2.) The names of the programmes are longer than the width of the screen - Standard Bank National ODI Series etc etc etc. This means that on the EPG you cannot see if it is a highlight or live broadcast.
3.) In a series, such as the ODI series, there is 1 live match, and 30 highlight broadcasts that day.

The only way to program live sports is to either get the time information from a newspaper or from Supersport interactive, write it all down, and then in the EPG go to Sport:Sport Channels and look for a channel which is broadcasting the match at the appropriate time.

1) At the start of the entry in Sport A-Z have a symbol which shows live or highlight, and even possibly other things.
2) Get Theme Search working properly. I used it to look for the Six Nations match on Saturday. Setting Advanced search to None lists everything - fine. And so does setting it to Highlights!!! A live match is NOT a highlight. How about Advanced Search:Live??

Of course, this is still reliant on somebody programming the flags correctly. Listing a live match under Highlights shows that this is not yet so.

Nigel Mackay
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