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Default XV Installation - HDPVR2P to HD4U decoder


I have been hassling to get the secondary decoder (HD4U) to respond to commands via TV link. The primary decoder (HDPVR2P) works via TV link.

My setup is as follows:

1. HB connected using primary RF-IN to RF-OUT on secondary
2. Primary RF-OUT connected to TV's in other rooms using SLX splitter and TV-links.
3. TV link power is enabled on HD PVR.
4. Secondary decoder set to respond to mode 2
5. Primary decoder set to relay mode 2

Has anyone got this to work?

I have also considered using RF-OUT to RF-OUT for the HB with a T-connector. In this case would what would happen if a DC block is not used on the decoder without TV link power?

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Old 2015-04-01 , 23:14
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NONE of the MC decoders are designed to relay remote commands received via a tvLink, hence why your set up WILL NOT WORK .
The ONLY way to do what you want is to combine the RF OUT signals together before distributing RF to remote viewing points equipped with TVlinks.

Use a T-Piece and a 1 x 2/4 SLX splitter or a 2 x 2/4 SLX splitter.
tvLINKs act as dc blocks. Connections without dc blocks run the risk of applying a DC voltage to the input of a TV, which may or may not be a problem.
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