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Old 2014-05-02 , 21:52
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Cool Horizontal signal degrades when Explora connected

Hey all

I have recently added the Explora to my setup.

here is what I have: 1 SATCR LNB with two legacy ports, HD decoder (1 record one view, and the new explora.

I connect the Explora switch to the Two legacy ports. Ports 1 and two to the HD decoder. Port A to the Explora.

My problem is this: As soon as I add the Explora on port A the signal on Mnet and some other Horizontal channels degrade. When I disconnect port A or Explora the signal returns.

Yesterday late evening I connected all and it was working perfectly for most of today. Then when I moved all back to correct places the fault returned.

Please help or give me some tips of what this could be.
Old 2014-05-03 , 09:36
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Hi there

Originally Posted by mariusve1 View Post
Yesterday late evening I connected all and it was working perfectly for most of today. Then when I moved all back to correct places the fault returned.
Before anyone can try help you can you just explain what you mean in this paragraph, how exactly did you leave it for the day and did you then move all back to the connections you first describe?

Also, which two input ports on the Explora switch are you connecting the 2 legacy feeds to?

And it will probably help if you give actual signal strength & quality values examples.

Not something I can help further with much myself but if HOR is much lower that would indicate at least a likely LNB skew angle problem.
Old 2014-05-04 , 22:16
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Thank you for the reply Optimist.

The decoders were still standing in temporary places with the cables in a mess. I moved them all to their final places, that is when the signal went back to degraded state.

This is where I stand at the moment:
on the explora: Tuner 1 and 3: Signal around 69 to 71% Quality 100% Tuner 2: Signal 85% Quality 100%

The LNB legacy ports are fed to the IS20 ports: H/L and V/L. The HD decoder is now on ports 3 and 4 of the legacy ports on the switch. Port A is connected to the Explora.

At the moment I am getting signal and picture on all channels and both decoders. I am still getting some break up and artifacts in the picture, on horizontal channels. I started getting picture after replacing the outdoor sections of my LNB cables.

If I swop the LNB feeds around with each other on the H/L and V/L ports then I get a extremely degraded signal on channel 101 even though the signal levels etc still are more or less the same.

This all makes me think that there is some sort of alignment and skew angle issue. what is so strange though is that the HD decoder did not have this issue.
Old 2014-05-04 , 22:51
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(1) Make sure you have identified the cables correctly and not mixing up the SATCR cable with the two cables connected to the legacy ports on the LNB.

(2) You are aware you should be able to connect the SATCR cable directly to Explora? That way you will eliminate the need for the Explora switch. There may be a need for changing the network settings on the Explora. With this config connect the legacy cables directly to the HD PVR as previously used.

(3) It is in my opinion a mistake to connect the HD PVR to ports other than 1 and 2 on the Explora switch. The first version of the Explora switch is known to be a bit unreliable when used as MS.

(4) If you do decide to verify the LNB skew angle adjustments, do this without the Explora switch connected.
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