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Old 2015-05-18 , 23:03
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Default DSD 4136 Xtraview and LNB questions

Hi Everyone,

I need some advice, if someone could please assist.....

Loadshedding has damaged both my old decoders, I got a dsd 4136 and dsd 1132 decoder from a friend who is moving to the US.

I had the change of ownership done, now its just the install....

Will I be able to use the above mentioned decoders in a Xtraview setup and will it work with a universal twin LNB and 4x2 multiswitch which i was using with my previous two decoders or will i need to change any of the components eg. the lnb or multiswitch?

Last but not least does the DSD4136 support the use of a remote tv link eye to control the decoder from a different room if for example the DSD4136 will be used as the primary decoder placed in the living room connected via HDMI to the TV in my living room, aswell as a RF cable running from the DSD4136 RF out port to my bedroom television with the link eye and the DSD1132 used as the secondary decoder installed in an outside maids room?

can both these decoders use both RF in and RF out as heartbeat ports?

Any advice will be greatly apprciated.

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Old 2015-05-19 , 08:28
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Welcome to the forum.

(1) Yes your install as you had with the other decoders is perfectly okay for the install you are wanting to do. The install is not necessarily future proof and you may have to make some changes in the future but in the short term it will work.

(2) Both the decoders are single tuner devices so the MS you have is not required, and what I would suggest is a better option is to run a new cable direct from on of the TWIN LNB ports to the remote room for the one decoder, and use one of the cables in place to feed the 4136 decoder directly. The HB cable would then run RF IN to RF IN for XV.

(3) You are presumably NOT wanting to allow the remote decoder to control the lounge decoder, so the settings should on the remote decoder "Ignore" and not relay any remote signals.

(4) On the 4136, extend RF to the BR via the existing tvLINK from the RF OUT port on the 4136 and that should also work fine. All you need to do is ensure that the remote settings are correct.

Let me know if you need any more help.
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Old 2015-05-20 , 09:10
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Hi Geoff

Thanks for the rapid response, all that i needed to know you seem to have answered in your reply.

Much appreciated, will get back to you should i need any further help.

Best regards
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dsd 4136, xtraview
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