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critical to make sure the fans are working in the SD PVR ------
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Originally Posted by Sandtonman View Post
In my case it was temperature related with the SD PVR. You will see that I resorted to drastic measures to solve the problem.
I can confirm this. I had to move my SDPVR out of my AV cabinet and cover the front panel to prevent sunlight. It was about 98% stable, occasionally getting the dreaded "Waiting for heartbeat" error.

I have subsequently installed a fan in my AV cabinet and moved the SDPVR back inside. It's now about 99% stable.

As suggested on these forums, I purchased a 12V PC fan (around R49) and attached it to an old 5V cellphone charger (my idea). The voltage difference leads to a quiet steady airflow from the fan.
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You can also use the USB port of your HDPVR decoder to power a computer fan, I am useing a lap top cooling pad fan under my HDPVR works like a bomb (the USB port on my SDPVR does not work to power fan.)
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I am having the exact same problem. Spoke to MC today and they have requested I bring both decoders to them. You have no idea the schlep of disconnecting this setup from my amp and AV system.

I am also having the issue where the decoder just looses comms during the night. The pattern is always been 1:00 and 2:00 am. I am not a happy chappy at this point in time. In the past I usually just reset both decoders and the problem went away. Today the whole lot is bombed.
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