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Old 2015-04-29 , 21:16
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Angry DStv Now Now Exclusive to PVR Subscribers

I am really disappointed that DStv Now has now been taken away from regular Premium subscribers and is now exclusively available for PVR subscribers.

The fact that normal Premium subscribers could use it without having a PVR for quite a while shows that there was nothing wrong with offering it to everyone.

Really disappointed guys. Usually I try to see the light in any decision that Multichoice has made no matter how controversial but this is straight up wrong.
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Old 2015-04-30 , 07:55
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I'm with you on this. I'm not too bothered about no longer being able to stream as I didn't ever do that, but I did make use of Catch Up downloads, which I can no longer do.

I just don't see how this can be construed as a good decision in any way. I could understand it if they now started charging non-PVR subscribers for access to online content, but to take it away completely makes absolutely no sense.

And we've yet to hear an explanation as to why they've done this. There have been a number of threads around this, and all we've had is a stock response that doesn't explain anything. That response even goes so far as to claim that viewer experience has been enhanced by this refined to the online services, when I fail to see how taking it away from a group of viewers enhances their experience in any way.

Some DStv Premium users to lose some services?
New Desktop Player issues
Accessibility of DStv Catch Up to Premium customers
DStv Series Start Dates -
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Old 2015-04-30 , 08:33
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Yip, just give the option to pay the R80 PVR access extra and problem solved
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Old 2015-04-30 , 09:12
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It's probably more complicated than just making or changing a decision, any change to their systems would involve vast complexity. Maybe the fact that so little has been said about it so far is a seed of future hope, maybe not.
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Old 2015-04-30 , 09:29
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I still think this debate is about a simple "mistake" somewhere in the system, which at a crucial point affected the development of MC support systems which is now not easy to fix ....

We have over the years had quite a few examples of such "mistakes"
Here is a list of the previous ones that I know of:

(1) The fact that for a very long time and still on some decoders, that XV and tvLINK functionality became linked. Still affects the 1110, 1131, 1132 and SD PVR.

(2) The issue about EasyView subscribers being eligible for the one month free on a yearly subscription, which includes the PVR fee for those with PVRs and on the EasyView package -- This one has recently been fixed ... we hope permanently.

(3) The decision to link BO play out on PVRs to "Premium" subscribers only, whilst at the same time, allowing anyone to download BO via the Internet. The only difference is that non Premium subscribers will pay R 32 for an Internet download, whilst Premium subscribers pay R27. Why not simply allow anyone with a PVR to be able to access BO? The only difference will be the payment amount? Oh and the "error" message on the SD PVR and other older decoders, still says "Premium" only when the facility is now available to Premium, Extra and Compact packages for CU and BO.

(4) Now this one, ALL Premium subscribers could use DSTV Now in the past, then suddenly, it is only available to those with PVRs ----?

(5) and now my latest one -- I am on EasyView, have a SD and UEC HD PVR, yet, I can access BO on the HD PVR and not on the SD PVR?
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