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Default Change of address etc

I am moving homes at the end of July. I am moving into a house where the previous occupants are emigrating. They currently have an HD PVR with another decoder (dual view) for the bedroom. I currently just have an HD PVR. They will be cancelling their subscription to Multichoice when they leave so my questions are as follows:
1. What is the process to transfer addresses for myself?
2.As I would like the Dual view functionality, is it easier for us to transfer their subscription into my name and keep their equipment etc as it is all set up and cancel my current subscription? Can this be done? Do I need new smart cards etc to do this?
3. Can I move my PVR across etc to the new address and then use their second decoder and transfer just that secondary decoder into my name.
I don't want to have to go an buy a second decoder if there is one sitting there being underutilized (they are not getting rid of he decoders they are leaving them behind.
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No need to transfer subscriptions etc. It doesn't matter if your decoder is in Pofadder or on top of Table Mountain

Take your own HDPVR & smartcard (they are linked & have to stay together)
If you want their 2nd decoder they must 1st break the Xtraview connection with the call centre, decoders must still be connected.

Then they must transfer the decoder into your name, they will need to write a letter & provide some other details.

You then connect it up to your HDPVR & activate it via the call centre
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Cheers thanks for the info appreciate it
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Either way, you are in for some loooong calls to the call centre

Transferring their 2 decoders to your account will keep the existing setup in place , but then you hve to cancel your existing susbcription.

Taking Merv's advice keeps your subs, in place but then you need to break the link between their 2 decoders BEFORE they disconnect and cancel their subscription

Let us know the outcome and which way you decide to jump.
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