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Old 2017-12-24 , 08:02
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Default New 5s decoders extraview

Hi all, need to get a clear understanding of what the new 5-series decoder installations support.

What are they compatible with on extraview and what are the limitations they impose on existing customers

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That's a very wide question...

Compatible with all other XtraView (XV) capable decoders in the same combination options as the 4 series (4136) HD Decoders.

The main concern is no RF circuitry, which is going to affect those who need to use RF distribution, and those without a Smart LNB (SLNB) or 24-1Z Smart Switch for getting the Heartbeat (HB) shared.

For RF distribution a RF modulator is then needed. It's been a few years, but last I was involved the only worthy modulator I had found was the widely available one made by Samsat, and then only really on its lowest UHF channels.

On the HB side, if needed in this way you'd need a diplexer used in reverse.

Rather getting hold of the older 4136 models is probably going to be easier while they're still available from retail.

For any more try this search:
A good time to ask more detailed questions is probably closer to mid Jan.

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I best add some info re distant remote control (RCU) use, but it's not very clear to me so may need to be added to by others later.

We've learnt that RCU commands will carry across on Unicable when using one of the SLNB's or the 24-1Z Switch. I presume only with relayed commands from another decoder's front panel (f/p), not in wanting to use a TV Link Eye.
It's also believed but not known that this will work in the same relaying-only way with the use of a reversed diplexer, via RF.
For all considerations, the other way of course is to use a Remote Blaster instead.

Lastly from me - in order to future proof for later Hi Band don't use a 24-1Z Switch without at least a quad (or quatro) LNB, rather then go for the SLNB model that's needed.

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The question is why would you want to if you can't distribute RF?
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Old 2017-12-25 , 07:58
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Well I suppose it's how MC are thinking, that nobody will want to share with XV x 3 available. Serious mistake, this is Africa!
And some are going to share via HDMI distribution, whatever the other considerations why haven't they been considered?

I think that if the 4136 is removed from retail this is going to be another disaster Not everyone can afford a 3rd or sometimes even a 2nd Explora...
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