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Old 2017-11-20 , 17:47
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Sadly the connection has failed, no longer working. Thanks for all the input from all. I will now have to run a hb cable.
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Old 2017-11-20 , 17:57
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I may stand corrected and I am sure Geoff will correct me if I am wrong but a Diplexer behind the HD 2P may suffice.
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Old 2017-11-21 , 06:51
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That's fine if the 2P uses a Unicable connection and the LNB cable distances aren't too long. I think the recommended max was 15m each, if over that then check older threads or wait for MC FS to confirm.
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Old 2017-11-21 , 16:01
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You can use a diplexer behind the 2P. That way the HB via the unicable and LNB will be all that is required.
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Old 2017-11-21 , 18:59
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when connected with a explora one than recommended 20m max using external diplexers but if your using an explora 2 than 50m is fine
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