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Old 2017-12-30 , 21:42
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Default Explora 2 Catch Up irratation

Got a new Explora 2 in October, to supplement HD Pvr 2P.

Explora is getting signal from a satcr, same satcr that successfully fed the 2P for ages. 2P now back on legacy feed.

From day 1 the Explora Catch up was problematic, it would update at most twice and then get stuck with no new content loading by itself. Attempted solutions include
1. Call centre sending 'a signal' this lead to 1 refresh, titles expiring and another call (on this call the agent also changed the explora 2 to primary, initially it was set up as secondary)
2. Reset factory settings, this worked twice, then not anymore
3. Reset factory settings with format hdd, after this everything is gone but at least 1 refreshes are available via option 2.
4. Improve signal, and signal that reports 95 100 on 2P.. T1 signal now reports 90 100 T3 signal 67 83 but

I am at the end of my own efforts and I hope someone could give me alternative solutions to work with as my absolute last resort would be to call on the local dstv agent.


Halvar Rautenbach

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Old 2017-12-31 , 09:02
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Welcome to posting Halvar :-)

Firstly, SATCR LNB's are no longer recommended, certainly not as a replacement as a number of them are not compatible enough with MC's modern decoders. When the time comes, best to get a Smart LNB (SLNB).

But maybe that's not the current problem...

Originally Posted by likweD View Post
...T3 signal 67 83
This suggests at least a possible LNB skew angle misalignment, T3 result needs to be 70+ 90+. (T1 on the Explora must be 80+ 90+, and on both VER and HOR polarities. Ignore T2 which only gives accurate results when recording.)

So your idea to maybe call the installer is necessary.

Detail to help you make decisions - If there's two legacy ports you could connect an Explora Switch or Smart Switch and get around any SATCR type problems that way, but it's not future proof for the new Hi Band channels expected in the not too distant future. Therefore a SLNB is still the best recommendation.

Not the best time of year for this on the forum, I'm trying to get done posting myself so will finish by just saying all the best with it.
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Old 2017-12-31 , 09:06
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The cause of the problem is the low signal quality on tuner 3.
Have to get that improved . The likely cause is the skew angle on the LNB is not optimal.

Send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a DIY way to adjust this. Also if you provide the GPS coords for your location I will calculate the optimal angles for you.

If you do resort to an installer, make it worth your while and replace the LNB with a SLNB.

I am hesitant to suggest an antenna replacement for 60 cm installs because lately, there have been a number of reports of low quality 80 - 90 cm antennas performing even worse than an older 60 cm antenna.
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