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Old 2017-11-08 , 12:44
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Originally Posted by Luke7777 View Post
Just checked the fowarding (>>) issue on my Explora... mine seems ok, pressed at a reasonable speed. If I go any faster , it will skip (>>>>) and goes back to normal play
Yep, that's the issue.

But... problem now possibly solved (in understanding) -

Yesterday I had swapped the batteries between my A6 and A7. The older batteries that are now in the A7 are still quite fresh, the ones now in the A6 are still at peak.

Just tried to control my Explora 1's retarded functionality using the A7 - with it there's no problem

When I go back to using the A6 the problem is back...
I have ensured that the A6 remote's LEDs are clean.

MC sometimes makes adjustments to the decoders' IR frequencies etc. for various reasons, they've been doing so for decades. I now believe that to be the culprit, at least 2 A6 remotes are clearly unable to work on the edge as now expected from them.

I am not interested in changing to the A7 for regular usage.
I doubt I'll report if / when this is resolved.
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Old 2017-11-08 , 13:07
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I can confirm that mine is the A7 remote. Prior to changing the batteries I did experience most of the symptoms described, slow response on the advance search key pad FF and RW etc.
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Old 2017-11-08 , 14:08
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By reasonable speed , I don't mean 1 sec pauses in between. It's directly after one another, as you would count 1,2,3 , not 1001, 1002, Mine is the A6 btw
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Old 2017-11-13 , 06:35
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I had the gkitch again on saturday where there were no option to "watch" live tv on channel happened twice, but not again
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