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Default Audio / Video sync on DSD 4U?

On Saturday, 11 February, we were forced by DStv to switch our SD decoder (DSD 1110) for an HD (DSD 4U) - the SD decoder had developed errors, and the consultant at Randburg informed us that SD decoders were no longer available for swapping under the decoder care contract.

Since then, we have experienced repeated, highly annoying issues with audio and video sync. These have been serious to the point of making TV unwatchable on at least five or six occasions since Saturday, and it is now only (just) Friday. Sometimes, the audio is behind the video; sometimes ahead. It occurs with audio set to either "fixed" or "variable", and seems to grow worse over time (sometimes, even within the same programme, it appears to worsen). The issue has been noted on multiple channels (including BBC First 119, ITV Choice 123, VH1 Classic 323, and BBC World News 400 - basically, almost all of the channels we regularly use), and seems to be more noticeable after switching channels, and especially after using the menus or EPG.

Is this likely to be an issue with the individual unit, or the model?

In case it matters, our decoder is connected using the RCA composite video and LR audio jacks. No other outputs or inputs other than the LNB are connected. The overall setup is exactly the same as for our previous decoder, with which we did not have this issue.

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