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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
........... 40% is far too low after a "professional" adjustment (should at least be in the 90's) to not cause grave concern about other issues elsewhere ...
Fully agree with your comment, optimist!
The signal quality is the most important parameter and should be close to 100%
For him to have left without checking this is frankly preposterous.
You will unfortunately experience further problems with this quality level.
Cheers, K.
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Old 2015-08-25 , 17:17
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Originally Posted by Tianfp View Post
Hi all,

thank you to all for the great feedback!

So, after much deliberation I got the installer to come back to my house. I told him that I believe it to be the skew, and, that we should start there and i wasn't taking "No"for an answer!

He got on to the ladder, loosened the SmartLNB clamp, rotated the SmartLNB by one click (very,very little) and fastened it. Took him all of 5 minutes...

I switched the Explora back on... and within about 2 mins the EPG downloaded. Few minutes later the CU and BO list their first entries... Tuner 3 had locked at 90% strength and 40% quality

So, after all the doo-doo I went through and the unproffesional attitude and lacking aptitude of the installer, it finally works as it should. I didn't even get a "Sorry"... he just mumbled something about doing "50 of these installations before and never have I come across.." blah blah blah - after which he left in a huff.

Thank you to all for reading and commenting/sharing your knowledge - it gave me the will to stand by my conviction and get the installer back to fix his error. I suppose I could've done it myself, but hell, I paid good money for a service...

***on a side note, up and until he actually got on the ladder, he still wanted to rub off a quad LNB on me - for only R250 more than the SmartLNB ("...comes from Europe"). I gave him a simple "no" and told him I paid and wanted to stick with the SmartLNB as DSTV states that it does work with my setup.

So again, to all, thank you!

Kind Regards
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I can only support the others who have already commented. A quality value as low as is indicated is really not acceptable, and the manner in which the adjustments are done is also not impressive at all. Quality is by far the most important parameter here and if the strengths are high then it can only be skew angle adjustment that is not good enough.
What sort of meter/FSM did he use when doing the alignment?
Did I send you the DIY recipe?
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Old 2015-08-26 , 12:11
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He had some old spectrum thing-a-ma-jig. Looked quite heavy - little bigger than an old IBM Laptop.

No Geoff, not yet, would be great if you could. All the cables are new, so setup is basically brand new - execpt for old SD PVR 1 - but she works like new!


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Old 2015-08-28 , 06:10
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execpt for old SD PVR 1 - but she works like new!


Absolutely true. And now you can trade in your old technology SD PVR and Multichoice will give you R500.00 trade in on a new Explora.

Sorry MC. The SD PVR is worth R5,000.00. It works. The whole time. Every time. On time.

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explora, sd pvr + explora, smartlnb, tuner 3
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