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Default DIY installation of Explora + 2P + Smart LNB


I need help in installing the following: Explora with Smart LNB (4 ports) and a 2P decoder in an XV environment. I am familiar with single decoder installations, but not XV.

Kind regards

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Welcome to posting :-)

Your thread was moved by a Mod to the Installation forum section.
I won't have time to assist but have a look at the other threads in this section (you can click here to do so), quite a few are about your kind of setup needs.

Then add any questions you have if need be and a Mod or another Forumite will try to assist further.
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Hi James

I assume you will be configuring the Explora as your primary decoder and the HDPVR P2 as the secondary decoder.

In case you have an existing XV setup, first phone MC while the old decoder is still connected, and ask them to break the link
between the primary decoder and the secondary decoder.

Otherwise proceed directly to installing the Smart LNB making sure that both the dish alignment and LNB skew are correct.

Connect one of the SatCR ports from the the Smart LNB directly to the "Satellite In" connector on the Explora.

Connect one of the other SatCR ports from the Smart LNB directly the "Satcr, Sat1" port of the HDPVR P2.

Set up the Hearbeat connection between the two decoders via the RFIN ports of the decoders. (Or RFOUT ports, dependig wether you wish to use the RFOUT ports for rf distribution).

Power up the Explora making sure sure it comes to life.
Change the user band and frequencies to:
Satellite Settings
User band 1 frequency: 1680
User band 2 frequency: 2040
User band 3 frequency: 1006
User band 1 Index: 2
User band 2 Index: 3
User band 3 Index: 4
Reboot the Explora and make sure that Channel 100 works.

Power up the HDPVR P2, allow it to come to life and change the
settings to:
Network Set-up
LNB Power: Controlled
LNB Mode: SatCR
LNB Lo: Frequency 9750
Reboot the HDPVR P2 and make sure that Channel 100 works.

Then phone MC and get the secondary decoder activated and linked to your Primary decoder.

I trust that this will help.
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Old 2016-10-21 , 10:23
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just of interest you can change the hd2p or hd2u decoder userbands also from 0 to 7. To do this you need to change the lnb mode to satcr and press the white button while highlighted on satcr .

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