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Default New DSTV user - how to connect DVD

I am a new DSTV user - I am using a DSD 1131 Decoder and am trying to connect a LG389 DVD recorder to my TV.
I have taken the yellow, red and white from the decoder connected them to the Input at the back of the DVD taken the yellow output from the DVD to the TV video and the two audio outputs to an amplifier.

I am unable to "tune" the DVD recorder to the Decoder.
Any advice please. Many thanks
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Your connections are correct if you want to record DSTV content (note that you might not be able to do this cos of copy protection, you need specific discs)
I would think the output of the DVD recorder would only show content from the DVD recorder & not be able to pass the DSTV signal through. Maybe give the DVD recorder model & someone can confirm

Your options would then be:
1) Get a AV splitter so that DSTV can be split in 2 with 1 going to DVD & 1 to TV
2) Use a RF connection from the decoder to the TV (pic wont be as good & mono audio though)
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Thanks for help. I have in the meanwhile found someone who has helped me solve the problem. I will list the answer as others may have a similar problem. The solution is actually quite simple: connect the two decoder sound leads white and red to the amplifier system which carries the sound for the DVD. And take a lead from the RF "out" on the decoder to the RF "in" on the DVD, connect the yellow audio cable from the DVD out to the TV, tune the DVD and its great: good quality picture and stereo sound.
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