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Thumbs up White dots/lines appearing above true widescreen content on 4:3 TVs

In some instances, viewers see white dots/lines at the top left of the video image when viewing widescreen content on DStv.

These white dots/lines are caused by data (like subtitles, Macrovision/CGMS-A flags, teletext, widescreen signalling, etc.) inserted into the broadcast.

They can ONLY be seen on a 4:3 TV when watching proper widescreen content in letterbox format. (If the viewer sees it under any other circumstances, then they are using the aspect ratio incorrectly.)

Studios insist on Macrovision and CGMS-A (copy-protection) in Africa therefore that line of data HAS to be fed through to the TV from the decoder.

This appears as white dots under the circumstances as described.

This is common worldwide and is present in the UK and US as well.

Viewers in those markets seldom see it, because:
  1. It is only on analogue copy-protected content (Macrovision and CGMS-A) that the lines cannot be removed, and;
  2. The majority of viewers use widescreen TVs. (For example, the UK stopped selling 4:3 TVs about 4 years ago.)
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