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Default IR interference...again

Hi, ok so I have the UEC HDPVR connected to my Telefunken 50" plasma via HDMI cable. I have home theatre system also in the same cabinet. Ok, so my DSTv remote does not work well at all when my TV is on, I have tested almost all scenarios, paper or masking tape over PVR, etc, but I cannot solve this problem.
I also cannot change any settings on my TV that would allow me to solve the problem. I have seen that when the TV is in standby (off) the PVR remote works like a charm, and also when I leave the TV on but tune down the brightness to 0 then it also works fine, only problem is that on brightness on 0 I might as well buy a radio
I have moved the PVR about 1,5m away from the TV, problem remains. When I moved recently I thought the problem would be solved due to different room etc, but no, it still remains...have to be at about 2 cm away from PVR to change channel, and then also it battle a bit. the is no energy saving bulbs close by, have tested during the day, and also no direct sunlight falls close to the PVR.I also bought the remote blaster, it ups the working from 1% to about 10%, still not nearly good enough. My only option is to replace the TV, but then it also might not solve the problem. Other sets may cause the same
I'm out of Ideas, any thoughts on this will be appreciated (Also, my home theatre have no problems with IR at all)
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Hi Neil,

There are quite a few posts on the subject on the forum as well as in the old archived forum, but here's what worked for two friends of mine, both with similar problems. I can't imagine these being the only solutions (these are just the ones that come to mind now) and since you have already tried the basics (moving the decoder, etc.), perhaps they are worth looking at.

Both involved covering up the IR sensor on the decoder and the use of a TV link. Remember to enable the Accept Relayed Commands option on the decoder.

Option 1:
Install a TV link in the same room as the TV and decoder, but further away from the TV. My friend installed the TV link in the corner in the ceiling (it's in the pyjama lounge upstairs, so it was possible - won't be as easy if you have a slab ceiling) with only the TV link's eye visible. You can try any other location in the room that might work. Naturally, you point the remote towards the TV link to control the decoder, which, depending on the location of it, may be a little awkward.

Option 2:
Run a RF cable and TV link to another room or even just behind the decoder (with the TV link and receiver facing each other), if you don't already have other remote TVs in your setup, and use this product, or something similar to control it. Unlike the remote blaster you tried, it uses RF and not IR technology, which won't be influenced by the TV.

I currently have three newish (2x 2011 51", 1x 2009 50") Samsung plasmas, with decoders installed directly underneath them, with no issues. The 2P did have slight problems when viewing in 3D on the one TV, but I solved it by turning down the brightness ever so slightly. I have seen that the Pace 4 tuner in the bedroom is slower to respond when I pause on a bright white image (the vanity cards at the end of The Big Bang Theory and 2 1/2 Men), but it still responds after a second/third try. So yes, the modern plasmas do seem to be better. Just stay far away from IR headphones - the one at my holiday home interferes with a set of IR headphones used with a TV in a bedroom on a another storey, more than 15m away!
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