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Default HD PVR Software downlaod to PACE 4 Tuner and PACE 2 Tuner

Section 1 - General
1.When will the software be downloaded?
Tuesday 11 June at 01h00

2.What decoders will this be applicable to and what will be the new load versions?
PACE 4 Tuner L 73
PACE 2 Tuner L 38

3.When will software be downloaded to the UEC decoders
At this stage we expect the software to be deployed at the end of June (subject to change)

4.Will rollback software be available?

Section 2 - What fixes will be in the software
1.Stability Fixes:
 Changing Signal Setup in Additional Networks can cause a reset. This is relevant to SMATV setups. When going to the additional network setup page and toggling an additional network to be enabled or disabled, the decoder may reset due to memory violations. This has now been resolved

 The PACE 4 tuner decoder sometimes used to display AV after a reboot, but was unresponsive to remote control and front panel key presses. This has now been resolved
 Decoder did not recover correctly from Signal loss, and become unresponsive

3. AV loss
 In a SMATV setup horizontal channels are shifted to Vertical polarization. Sometimes after an upgrade the shifted channels might experience AV loss. This has been fixed
 AV loss while using trickmodes

4. Parental Guidance
 PG PIN is not requested when moving to an event with a higher PG rating during Live TV, and while the plate is up
 The PG pin is not prompted when accessing a third party app, when PG settings are set to Total block. Eg : if you are watching Big Brother and have set your PG blocking to “total block” and the customer tries to access this app, the PG Pin popup blocking access, was not displayed. This has been fixed

 Jumping to different positions in the status bar is not smooth
 Random loss of review buffer. Sometimes when watching LIVE TV, and when trying to access the buffer- the buffer was not available/ disappeared. This has been resolved

 If a customer has set his Aspect Ratio to 4:3 Letterbox , this will change after changing the High Definition Output (HDMI)
 When channel changing, the decoder does not keep the aspect ratio as per the settings in the aspect ratio menu
 Trickmodes jump at times
 Instant Rewind during playback of a recording jumps back more than 5 minutes instead of 10 seconds.
 I-plate stops updating
 Touch screen displays junk
 Iplate does not update on E38 services eg : When you change to a channel that has a E38 error popup and P+/- before the i-plate disappears, the information on the i-plate will not update to the new channel’s event information. This has been resolved

Section 3 - What new features are in this release
 All HD PVR enabled subscribers will now have access to the BoxOffice listing screen. They will be entitled to view trailers.
 In an XtraView setup the secondary decoder can now be delinked from the primary decoder, without both decoders being active in a XtraView setup. (HGPC2 screen). Essentially if a customer brings the decoder for repair/trouble shooting, they no longer need to bring in their primary decoder. Both decoders can now work independently of each other. This is just one of the advantages
 Changes were made to SMATV customers network setting configuration, allowing them to seamlessly view additional services when launched.
 Updated DStv branding

Please post feedback/comments in the thread below:

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