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Old 2009-01-26 , 21:48
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Cool Signal Quality/strength


I just installed my HD PVR/SD PVR Combo. I have used installation option 4b with the T as suggested.

I have not activated XV yet, nor have i swapped my SC yet.

My question is that when i look at the signal info screen on the HDPVR i am conserned that Tuner 1 gives a signal strenth og 98% but quality is on 40-49%. On the Sd it is 100% Strength and 80-90% Quality.

Tuners 2-4 displays nothing (Not locked).

Also the HD does not have the latest software but under DSD upgrade i can only set the upgrade time??

I tested the 2x6 multi switch by swapping the outputs used by the HD to the SD and the SD still reports same strength / quality info.

Is there something i am missing???

Must i supply power to the LNB from the HD as well??


Ok weird. I turned off the SD-PVR. I disconnected all LNB links to HDPVR except Link number 4 (trying to upgrade). Now i would expect the tuners to all have no info except for Tuner 4, but i still get info from Tuner 1 and nothing from any of the others, including 4 where the only link is.

What gives???

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The signal stats on the HDPVR are bogus, dont trust them
Tuners 2 & 3 will only show signal when recording or for some time after you have recorded

As for the update, you should get an option to update but otherwise just leave it to update overnight at its set time
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Stupid me.

Everything seems fine now. (Cable problem). Thanks for the info on T2 and T3.
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