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Old 2017-04-20 , 20:37
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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
No the reformat story is an absolute last resort action!

There are a few other things to check though.

(1) What LNB do you have in place? is it a Twin LNB plus ES switch or do you have a Smart LNB installed.

(2) How old are the cables? Have you physically checked the cables outside for damage? The same goes for the LNB Is it showing signs of perishing or cracks or damage?

(3) What are the signal strength and quality values on all 3 tuners.

Start a recording before checking these values to ensure you get a true reading for tuner 2.

Do this when viewing ch 262 and ch 405 and post the results.

It could be a simple issue with the LNB skew angle but lets see the results first.
My results are as follows:
T1 72% & 100%
T2 76% & 100%
T3 74% & 82%

T1 74% & 85%
T2 74% & 100%
T3 74% & 82%

What is the verdict please...

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Old 2017-04-20 , 21:08
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Pretty good values and typical of a rushed installation. The skew angle adjustment would benefit from a little bit of fine tuning.

Values not poor enough to explain why you are not successfully downloading CU and BO content. There must be another issue causing problems. Maybe send MC Solomon a PM message and ask him to verify that your service has been set up properly.
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Old 2017-04-21 , 09:12
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One further post from me, can't fully agree - MC recommends that the Exploras should have 90%+ for all signal quality readings. In my experience one can get away with a bit less, perhaps as low as around 88%, but I would be concerned about 85% on horizontal, and the tuner 3 82% is likely too low to rely on.

Experience suggests that the signal strengths are survivable for some from the early 70's, though 75%+ is suggested and 80%+ preferred.

Part of the problem is just how accurate the decoders' readings are as far as variations go from unit to unit, many cases on this forum suggest that the recommended values are the best to aim for.

However, I now see that we've all misread your first post... you say you are having problems with Catch Up Plus (CU+), not with Catch Up (CU).
CU+ has nothing to do with the satellite signals, it only uses your internet connection.
I suggest you try disabling CU+ in the menu: Settings \ User Preferences \ Connected Services - Explora Connected Services
Then reboot, then enable it again.
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Old 2017-04-21 , 14:39
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Hi everyone,
Thank you for your assistance.

Conrad, please let us know how it goes after you have tried Optimist's suggestion/recommendation.

MC Mpho
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