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Old 2017-04-06 , 09:36
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Default Explora2 + HD PVR 4Tuner Pace + HD PVR 2U, Smart LNB, 2x6 MS, ExtraView Installation

Hi All,

So we had the following setup:

- HD PVR 4Tuner Pace in lounge with 2x6 multiswitch (primary).
- HD PVR 2U in main bedroom (secondary on ExtraView).
- Granny flat feeding off bedroom PVR via Ellies Indoor AS4.
- 2 x bedrooms feeding off main bedroom PVR via Ellies Indoor AS4.

Bought the new Explora2 with installation and new dish included. Installer changed dish to 90cm dish with Smart LNB and simply hooked up Explora with one of the 2 previously installed cables coming in from dish. Didn't even run new cables...

Want to know if we can do the following as we heard you can now run 3 decoders simultaneously off one subscription - like ExtraView when you have the Explora and just pay the access fee for each extra decoder:

- Explora in lounge (primary)
- HD PVR 4Tuner Pace in main bedroom (on ExtraView)
- HD PVR 2U in granny flat (on ExraView)
- Feed other 2 bedrooms in house from lounge or main bedroom via Ellies Indoor AS4 (i.e. watch what is being watched in other room.)

1. Is this possible at all??
2. Do we need any more switches, new cabling?
3. Can someone please provide an installation diagram?

Any assistance would be appreciated as it is not in our budget at the moment to get someone to do this for us. I'm fairly capable of understanding the technical things so if someone can just provide the right diagram we should manage.

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Old 2017-04-06 , 10:44
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Hi there, if you want to run 3 decoders off a single subscription (all connected through XtraView), you can only do so using a combination of DStv Explora and DStv HD decoders (the new single view decoder). These are the only decoders that have the most up to date software to enable the 2 XtraView connections.

Please note, you will pay R85 Access Fee for each XtraView connection.
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Old 2017-04-06 , 14:46
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Unfortunately all the older decoders cannot be combined together in an XV installation with the new Explora 2A.

What you could do is activate either the 4 tuner decoder or the HD PVR 2U in a 2 x decoder combination using the XV facility, but not all three.

Your previous setup offered you view 2 record three capability.

A new setup with the 4T decoder will give you what you had view 2 record 3 as you had it before.

A set up with the Explora and the HD PVR 2U will give you view 2 record 2.

The RF distribution setup that is already in place will work as is with a few minor tweaks.

The Explora 2A decoder will have to now become the Primary decoder.

The second cable from the SLNB could be used to feed the 4 tuner decoder or the HD PVR2 2U.

One of the decoders will become obsolete and will not be able to be used under one subscription. It may be possible to set it up under a separate subscription.

Let us know what you would like more information on and how this will impact on the RF distribution you have in place.
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2 unmentionable FTA decoders
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Old 2017-04-07 , 07:27
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Thank you for responding.

That's disappointing that the decoders I have are too old.

So what should I tweak on current setup to have XV with the Explora and my precious 4T? I prefer having capability to record 3 view 2. Also would like to feed the other bedrooms and granny flat off secondary decoder.

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