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Originally Posted by MC Portia View Post
@Madcat Thank you for your post. Deutschland 83 and the Sunday 21:00 movies have high age restrictions and for this reason we are not able to repeat it during the day. Also, note that the channel 102 opens from 18:00 and ends at 05:00. So, with an already bumper to bumper schedule, there is no way we can repeat all shows. More so the movies as there are no two hour gaps on the schedule itself. Scheduling could find another spot for Deutschland 83 but then it will mean that one of another series repeat will have to fall away which might also be one of the repeats you depend on.

The Real O'Neals, remember that it has replaced American Horror Story and AHS was usually repeated on a Sunday but now with the two hour movie scheduled at 21:00, the schedule has lost an hour instead. This is basically why there is no repeat for the Real O' Neals. Scheduling will try and see if we can make another plan but all I know is that some may lose their additional repeats.
Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I am supremely happy for all the wonderful series available, but I do believe that repeats are possible for all series. I think that Optimist has a brilliant idea - run the channel a full 24 hours, or even an extra 6 hours for repeats...
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